A Summoning

[Fiolxhilde summons her arcane teacher, an entity or ‘daemon’ with the ability to travel through space]

Nec mora consentio, ut magistrum illa suum accersat et consideo, paratus ad audiendam totam et itineris rationem, et regionis descriptionem.

Without hesitation I agreed that she should summon her teacher and question him. I prepared myself to listen to every detail of the account of the journey and the description of the region.

Tempus iam erat vernum, Luna crescente in cornua, quae ut primum Sole sub horizontem condito coepit enitere, juncta planetae Saturno in Tauri signo ^43, mater seorsim a me se recipiens ^44 in proximum bivium ^45, et pauculis verbis clamore sublato enunciatis ^46, quibus petitionem suam proponebat, ceremoniisque peractis revertitur ^47, praetensa dextrae manus palma silentium imperans, propterque me assidet ^48.

Now it was already Spring. As soon as the sun was hidden below the horizon, the horns of the waxing crescent moon began to shine in conjunction with the planet Saturn, in the sign of Taurus.

At the nearest crossroads my mother drew apart from me and, raising a shout, uttered just a few words. This ceremony completed, she came back, commanded silence with the outstretched palm of her right hand, and sat down beside me.

Vix capita vestibus (ut conventum erat) involveramus ^49, cum ecce screatus exoritur blaesae et obtusae vocis ^50 et statim in hunc modurn, sed idiomate Islandico, infit.

Scarcely had we covered our heads with our cloaks (in accordance with the covenant) when we began to hear the rasping of a stammering and indistinct voice, which at once began to speak as follows, but in the Icelandic language:

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