The Dream

[The narrator reads about ancient magic before falling asleep in the moonlight to dream]

Cum anno 1608 ferverent dissidia inter fratres Imp. Rudolphum et Matthiam Archiducem, eorumque actiones vulgo ad exempla referrent ex historia Bohemica petita, ego publica vulgi curiositate excitus ad Bohemica legenda animum appuli.

In the year 1608, when discord raged between the brothers Emperor Rudolph and Archduke Matthias, precedents for their actions were sought and commonly revived from Bohemian history. Excited by this public curiosity, I gave my attention to the legends of Bohemia.

Cumque incidissem in historiam Libussae viraginis, arle magica celebratissimae, factum quadam nocte, ut post contemplationem siderum et Lunae lecto compositus altius obdormiscerem , atque mihi per somnum visus sum librum ex nundinis allatum perlegere, cujus hic erat tenor:

When I came to the story of the heroine Libussa, so celebrated in the magical arts, something happened that night. After contemplating the stars and the moon, I settled into bed and fell into a deep sleep. But in my dreams I seemed to be reading through a book that I had brought from the market. This was the tenor of the book:

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