I.   The Dream 

The narrator reads about ancient magic before falling asleep in the moonlight to dream

II.   ‘My name is Duracotus …’

A mysterious book, written by an Icelander named Duracotus, whose mother Fiolxhilde practiced ancient & occult arts

III.   A Voyage

After an argument with his mother, the boy Duracotus stows away on a ship bound for Denmark 

IV.   At Hven with Tycho Brahe

Duracotus joins the students of astronomer Tycho Brahe at the Uraniborg observatory on the island of Hven

V.   Voyage Home

After studying at Uraniborg for years, Duracotus returns to Iceland and his mother Fiolxhilde, who thought him dead

VI.  Fiolxhilde Speaks

Fiolxhilde reveals the occult art of conversing & traveling with certain ‘wise spirits’ encountered in Iceland

VII.  A Summoning

Fiolxhilde summons her arcane teacher, an entity or ‘daemon’ with the ability to travel through space

VIII.  The Daemon from Levania

The daemon describes Levania – the earth’s moon – and the selection of humans who can survive the journey

IX.  Journey to the Moon

The dangers of space travel for humans and the methods used by daemons to ensure their safety

X.  Between Worlds

How squadrons of daemons can transport human travelers to the moon through the shadow of a solar eclipse

XI.  On Lunar Astronomy

How the astronomy of the inhabitants of the moon differs between lunar regions and from the earth

XII.  The Earth from the Moon

The appearance of the earth and the movements of celestial objects seen by the inhabitants of the moon

XIII.  Lunar Regions

The regions of the moon according to astronomical phenomena seen from the lunar surface