Solar eclipses also feature in one of the earliest science fiction stories, the “Somnium,” (or “The Dream”) written by the German astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler and published in 1634.

In the story, Kepler’s hero hears a description of space travel by “daemons” that live in the shadow of moon.

When a solar eclipse occurs, Kepler’s daemons are able to travel between the moon and the Earth on a “bridge of shadow” — and they sometimes even take human passengers with them.

“We confer with other daemons of the same region and plan an alliance so when the sunlight first begins to leave a region of space, we move in massed ranks into the shadow,” said Kepler’s lunar daemon.

“For if the sharp point of the moon’s shadow touches the earth, which often happens, our allied squadrons fall upon the earth.


Source: Christopher Columbus to Thailand’s Kings: 11 Curious Eclipse Stories